Early SDA Pseudo Blog/Links up to 2008

(updated 2008/6/11) (links fixed 2021)

I started this thinking that there would be news of interest to the saints coming out once or twice a week, but actually have not been able to find anywhere near that many. The links i'm adding today maybe aren't all that earth-shattering either, but they do bring a couple of things into focus or show potential to change society in dramatic ways.

These links are not necessarily endorsed 100% by the webmaster, but they have been looked at and seem to offer either spiritual support, warnings, or interesting ideas related to prophecy and how to interpret the signs of the times. The description of each site is what i thought about it. Anyone with ideas on anything related, please email me!!! earlysda "at" hotmail.com

110 ! (2021 update 112 or 111 because of Benedict abdicating)

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